The Wind Waker HD - Any%

4:14:45 by Link_the_GOAT (24th place)

Note: Link_the_GOAT has submitted a faster time here.

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Wow, sub 4:15 hype! \BionicBunion/

Had a pretty good start in this run with a new DRC PB (49:18) and played pretty well till Master Sword. Bigger mistakes happened in FF2 (~45 secs), ET (~30 secs), WT (at least 1 minute) and Triforce Quest (mainly Cabana Deed Skip, overall at least 1:30 minutes). Puppet Ganon and Ganondorf were also pretty bad and obviously there were some other sloppy parts throughout the run.

SS was 2nd try, didn't go for Cyclos.

ps: I play the Italian version.