Level 2 - Eastern Hyrule

The Coast (2-1)

This stage offers two routes, one using GBA Out of Bounds, the latter FMC. The routes merge in the middle of the Novabomb Screen.

OoB Route

This route gets Bombs and uses the OoB on the screen with the house. The time saver on the Novabomb Screen only works with this route.

Cave Skip

Discovered by Zmaster91

On the 3rd screen (with the house), bomb the lower cave entrance and perform GBA Out of Bounds in C-Right formation (TV->GBA direction). Exit the cave, switch to Purple and reunite.

Note: This does not save as much time as other OoBs, so it is important to get it within a couple tries.

Skipping Slingshot in Zora Fight

It is worth to note that keeping bombs in the fight against the Zoras is faster (10-30 seconds) than getting the L1/L2 slingshot beneath the water. Also, the positions the zoras spawn in is fixed but their spawn intervals are random.

Quicker Novabomb Screen

Discoverd By Yadra121

After watching the cutscene, re-enter the screen, place a bomb to the left, to burn the gras there, and another one to the right of the entrance, into the fence. After that just run through the section.


FMC Route

This route ignores Bombs at first and obtains the slinghshot instead. OoB is replaced with FMC inside the house, and optionally the Like Like Clip can be included as well which makes the routes close to even.

Cave Skip (FMC Version)

Discovered by VB

Use FMC to clip into the NPC. Once you cannot see the head of the clipping Links, reunite with C-right and switch to Purple.


This video shows the route without Like Like clip:


Like Like Clip

Discovered by Yadra121

Get into a C-Formation (and hold the C-stick until you stunned the Like Like) and start charging a shot shortly before Green gets sucked in.
Then stun the Like Like (by releasing the A button) and walk against a wall to make Green move into the opposite direction.
In this state, he can clip into walls.
You want Green to be in the upper right corner before you spin the control stick to free him to be able to transition to the right.


Unfortunately, Bombs are still required to pass one GBA screen, so you need to obtain them on the Novabomb Screen.

Outdated or unused

Bridge Switch Skip

Discoverd By Geno/Zmaster91

After using a bomb to enter the cave behind the house, continue to bomb and enter the north wall. Then after getting the pot out of the way, hold c-left and roll along the wall to begin a formation hover. Then you can cross the gap and continue with the level.

Note: This hover must be preformed very quickly in order for it to be faster the simply pressing the switches.

Block Maze Skip

Using the Floating Link Glitch with a bomb you can skip the block maze in the screen after the three gem knights. The best setup for this is to have red link hold a rock or bush from the previous room and enter the screen with only green link. Then face left at the wall, place a bomb, press L to the call the links, then hit the bomb with your sword and activate the glitch to have the red link floating in the air. At this point the appearing blocks will ignore red link and you can simply walk to the end of the cave.

Note: It is not known if this is faster in a speedrun as of yet since it doesn't skip that much distance.


Individual Level Route

Note: Outdated

The Village of the Blue Maiden (2-2)

Owl Skip

Discovered by Zmaster91

In the second screen of the level, visiting it the first time, an owl usually stops you before trying to go into the portal created by the moon pearl obtained by the old man. You can easily avoid this conversation by walking against the trees along the bottom of the screen and then walking up to go to the portal.

Get the Magic Book Early

By using this trick, it is possible to skip a large amount of the quest normally required to obtain a Roc's Feather to reach the Magic Book. There are several methods available.

Formation Hover

Discovered by Zmaster91
  1. After entering the long house in the middle of the village, head up and stand on the edge of the chasm against the right wall.
  2. Hold c-right, then c-up and immediately roll to begin a formation hover
  3. After you've rolled to the other side, hold forward and press B and R in succession until you see red hop onto the ground in front. Once you see this press X to fall.
  4. Once you've respawned, Red Link should be on the other side of the gap, allowing you to talk to the man and get the magic book and Roc's Feather early.

Gap Skip

  1. Stand close to the ledge in C-right formation.
  2. Pick up Green with Red.
  3. Throw him upwards, then hold C-Right and controlstick up while mashing/timing roll inputs.
  4. Once Green reaches the other side, drop down.
  5. Green should respawn on the other side.


Discovered by Yadra121

Use the video. The concept is that when you reunite with C-right, Purple will float over the gap.


Individual Level Route


Eastern Palace (2-3)

Lamp Skip

Discovered by Zmaster91

In addition to the priorly used Bow Skip, this also skips the Lamp, which allows the player to reach the boss room without any item on A.

Enter the room where you usually need the Bow&Lamp to continue.

  1. Get GBA OoB off the GBA entrance to the left (use C-right)
  2. Lure one (or both) stalfos to the upper right corner and die once during it
  3. Get your health down to half a heart again
  4. Be next to the left wall and die by using a C-Formation so the Links get dragged into one stalfos (Make sure to not be around the highest two tiles when reuniting; purple will not reunite fast enough to green for the trick to work.)
  5. Zombie Storage should be activated now with Blue being inside a wall
  6. Hold up for a bit and then up-right so Blue can move behind the door. How long you need to hold up depends on Blue's initial death position
  7. Green should push against the upper wall and will clip out eventually
  8. Take damage with Green, and press X once Blue is behind the door
  9. Kill Green
  10. Switch to Blue and move up


Early Lamp

Discovered by Pedro_347

By using GBA OoB here, it is possible to skip the complete GBA section and get the lamp right away.

To do so, leave the room with the lamp in C-Down formation and get GBA OoB. Enter the room again, then switch to Red and reunite with C-Right.


Bow Skip

Discovered by Zmaster91/Yadra121

Jump Slash Method

Note: The roll method is faster, but might be a bit more difficult to time.

Skipping the bow shortens this dungeon drastically, ignoring the complete left section. Before you perform this trick, you want to obtain the lamp of course.

First, you want to position the Links next to the left row of pots, in C-Right formation. Select Green and walk left, to the switches. Place Green somewhere near the upmost switch and reunite with C-Right. You want to drop Purple on the big opening, so you must time an X input to interrupt the reuniting. Red and Blue should bump into a wall and respawn next to Green. Now move Green to the other side of the room and position him in the upper corner, to the very left. Switch to purple and adjust his position, if he is not standing on the upmost tile already. Optionally, you can enter and exit the big door to set the spawn point there, just as a backup in case you fail. Switch back to Green, reunite with C-Right and perform a well timed Jump Slash so Red is standing on the ledge while the others drop down. As they respawn, the reuniting accelerates Red again and you want to press X to interrupt as soon as Red touches solid ground again.


Roll Method

Position Purple and Green like always, but when you reunite with C-right, time a roll so Purple will roll upwards as he is dragged to Green, and time X so he will stay on solid ground above the gap.


One Cycle Stone Arrghus

Discovered by danray2352

In the second phase, after the jump attack of the boss, stop him and then do consecutive spin attacks until he is beaten.


Individual Level Route


Note: Outdated.

Last updated 01/30/2018 – Yadra121