Items Obtained

  • Captain's Sword/Master Sword
  • Ravio's Bracelet
  • Lamp
  • Tornado Rod
  • Hookshot
  • Bombs
  • Hammer
  • Ice Rod
  • Fire Rod
  • 1 Weather Vane (Your House)
  • Zora's Flippers
  • 3 Pendants
  • 7 Paintings
  • Bow of Light

Total items obtained: 22


  • Activate Link's House Weather Vane and save
  • Go to Blacksmith
  • Go to Death Mountain entrance, use bird to get in (Power Glove Skip)
  • Deathwarp immediately after the cutscene of Death Mountain erupting
  • Rent Tornado Rod
  • Go talk to the castle guard
  • Sanctuary (Get 20 rupees under a tomb, 20 rupees in chest and 2x 5 rupees on the floor)
  • Rent Hookshot after getting Ravio's bracelet (50 rupees)
  • Eastern Palace (Get 8 rupees in rolling balls room and 44 rupees in fairy room south of the room in 1F with the small key, 52 rupees total)
  • Eastern Palace escape (Get 267 rupees from chests, floor and walls, 319 rupees total)
  • Use a Green Soldier to get around the rocks on the screen with Hyrule Castle, in order to get around the triggers for the Irene's Bell cutscene
  • Shady Guy cutscene near zora cave
  • Deathwarp to get back to the other side of Irene's triggers
  • Rent Tornado Rod, Bombs, and Hammer (229 rupees remaining)
  • Walk to Kakariko
  • Buy Smooth Gem (29 rupees remaining)
  • Get 100r chest in the green house (129 rupees)
  • Walk to the screen with Hyrule Castle and do the Green Soldier boost around the rocks again (kill the Red Guard on the way for a red rupee, 149 rupees)
  • Get the Flippers (with Fish Skip)
  • Walk back to the Witch's House
  • Bomb the cave below the Witch's House, go through the cave and get the 50 rupees in it (199 rupees)
  • Hammer the pegs and get the 100 rupees behind them (299 rupees)
  • Walk to House of Gales (avoid Irene's triggers)
  • House of Gales (2F Skip with Keese damage boost method)
  • Walk to the entrance to Death Mountain (avoid Irene's triggers)
  • Go through the Death Mountain caves normally
  • Tower of Hera
  • Drop down Death Mountain, go back through the first cave
  • Master Sword
  • Deathwarp (to avoid Irene's triggers)
  • Rent Tornado Rod (249 rupees remaining)
  • Hyrule Castle (get 50 rupees in the room before the Armos room, 299 rupees)


  • Walk to the Vacant House
  • Portal to Hyrule in front of the Vacant House
  • Deathwarp (to skip Quick Equip)
  • Rent Fire Rod, Hammer, Tornado Rod, Hookshot (250 rupees, 49 rupees remaining)
  • Walk to Kakariko, Portal to Lorule behind Sahasarhla's House
  • Skull Woods
  • Portal to Hyrule north west of Skull Woods in the House with the Heart Piece
  • Walk to Death Mountain Vane
  • Portal to Lorule
  • Rosso's Ore Mine Skip, ice cave climb
  • Ice Ruins, get 300 rupee chest (349 rupees) (Ice Ruins Skip not possible due to no Pegasus Boots
  • Deathwarp (to skip Quick Equip and get back to your house quickly)
  • Rent Ice Rod, Hookshot, Tornado Rod, Bombs (250 rupees, 99 rupees remaining)
  • Walk to the screen with Hyrule Castle and do the Green Soldier boost around the rocks one more time
  • Portal to Lorule in rock field
  • Dark Maze skip
  • Dark Maze
  • Portal to Hyrule in rock field
  • Go around the long way to get to the Portal to Lorule west of House of Gales (to avoid Irene's Triggers)
  • Perform Animation Storage to access Turtle Rock
  • Turtle Rock
  • Portal to Hyrule west of Turtle Rock
  • Portal to Lorule on your house
  • Big Bomb Purchase Skip
  • Swamp Palace (Sequence Break not possible due to no Pegasus Boots)
  • Portal to Hyrule north west of Swamp Palace
  • Portal to Lorule near Desert area
  • Portal to Hyrule north of Misery Mire weather vane
  • Desert Palace skip (take the portal north of the boss area and refill your health, then go back, then fight Zaganaga with sword beams and bombs)
  • Portal to Hyrule east of Misery Mire weather vane
  • Walk to your house, Portal to Lorule
  • Walk to Thieves' Town
  • Thieves' Hideout
  • Walk to Lorule Castle
  • Lorule Castle


Save a lot.

Most Recent Update

January 27, 2015

  • Removed getting the HC in Eastern Palace as it is not required and was only listed by mistake.
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