ZeldaSpeedRuns Relay Race

ZeldaSpeedRuns is proud to host the next 3D Zelda Relay Race, including Breath of the Wild for the first time!
This event is a race between multiple teams, where each team has their 6 runners consecutively take turns speedrunning their game.

2019's 3D Zelda Relay Race will take place on January 26th, ~4PM UTC and consist of the following games:
Ocarina of Time - No IM/WW (~ 1:20:00)
Majora's Mask - Any% (~ 1:25:00)
The Wind Waker - Any% (~ 4:20:00)
Twilight Princess - Any% (~ 3:10:00)
Skyward Sword - Any% (~ 5:20:00)
Breath of the Wild - Any% (~ 0:45:00)

If you want to participate, head over to the ZSR Discord and sign up in the #3d-relay-19 channel using the bot commands. Please enter a competitive estimate when signing up.
Signups will close January 15th 11:59 PM CET and runners and teams will be decided shortly afterwards. Teams will be shuffled together based on average to have teams of similar strengths.
The race will be streamed on our ZSR Twitch channel.

Commentary signups are welcome - they will be handled via the #3d-relay-19 channel as well.


Date: January 26th, 2019
Start Time: ~4PM UTC [11AM EST] (Schedule and order is tentative)
- Estimated Start of Ocarina of Time [No IM/WW]: 4:00PM
- Estimated Start of Majora's Mask [Any%]: 5:20PM
- Estimated Start of The Wind Waker [Any%]: 6:45PM
- Estimated Start of Twilight Princess [Any%]: 11:05PM
- Estimated Start of Skyward Sword [Any%]: 2:15AM
- Estimated Start of Breath of the Wild [Any%]: 07:30AM


  1. Have Fun!
  2. Do not argue about the results or fairness of the race.
  3. Streaming is required!
    3.1 You must play the game live on your Twitch channel that is linked to your discord profile.
    3.2 Do not start until designated to do so - you will be notified by the bot once your teammate finishes.
  4. If any member on a team is found violating the rules, the ENTIRE team will be disqualified!
    4.1 Even if there is no money at stake, we take speedrunning Integrity very seriously. Be prepared to defend yourself if proof of legitimacy is called for. The stream recording should suffice in most cases.
  5. The speedrun.com leaderbord rules apply for every game/category
  6. The order of the games is fixed. You may not change the order except with special permission from the event organizer.
  7. If your team is missing a player or cannot complete all 6 runs, your team will be disqualified unless you can find a suitable replacement approved by the event organizer.
    7.1 If you quit, be ready to feel the wrath of your teammates.
  8. You may start late, but timing begins at the same time for everyone
  9. When you finish your run, tell the next runner of your team so they can start
    immediately after. The time continues even if the next runner is not ready.
  10. Timing start for the first run will be determined by ZSRBot's countdown.
  11. Timing for your team ends when the last member of your team finished.

Useful Links

ZSR Discord-Server

@zsrelayrace on Twitter

@zeldaspeedruns on Twitter

Old Relay times on SRC

TEAMS :) DestroyAllAnime zfgSmug The Bakery
Ocarina of Time Aliensqueakytoy Rosewater cma2819 Valient
01:19:06-00:54 01:27:41+06:41 01:17:57-00:03 01:16:42+00:42
Majora's Mask Chimera dope Zeepo Kaktus
01:34:56-02:04 01:37:25-00:25 01:38:37+15:37 01:41:05+06:05
The Wind Waker Ace Hellfoes romulost deanx4200
04:14:22-00:38 04:24:22-05:38 04:44:24+09:24 04:57:30+12:46
Twilight Princess Zaf Aether Adam Kejs
03:02:23+02:23 03:06:36+04:36 02:59:21-00:39 03:00:09+00:09
Skyward Sword baileyp75 Exto Kitcot Jaise
06:23:33+43:33 05:11:01-08:59 05:29:37-09:23 05:10:05-09:55
Breath of the Wild KaoPyro Pikastroff Wolhaiksong Rasen
00:41:25+02:25 00:40:14+00:14 00:33:32-02:28 00:38:53+02:53
Total Time 4th Place -- 17:10:45 1st Place -- 16:27:29 2nd Place -- 16:43:28 3rd Place -- 16:44:24